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SM i gädda - Catch With Care Sportfish Masters thanks all the participants during the year!

Published 2017-10-27 16:07:56.

We congratulate all finalists to the great feat in persevering three consecutive days of competing and to all the teams who placed 4-10 I personally would like to say well fought and I hope you will join the new competition WPC.

You have all made an incredible feat!

A big thank you to all our sponsors and all who sponsored the prices!

This years prices were presented by:
Catch With Care: reels, rods, landing net, bags.
Costa: sun glasses.
Humminbird: Sonar / plotter.
Raymarine: Sonar / plotter.
Linder Aluminiumbåtar: Linder 445 Catch.
Båt & Trailer Huddinge: Trailer.
Atlantica Båtförsäkringar: Insurance.
Semi-final prices was presented by Renz-Stein.
Longest fish during the season was presented by Esox Gear.

Live broadcasted final

Published 2017-10-23 11:40:23.

Preparations before the final

Published 2017-10-23 11:01:29.

Winners: Black

Published 2017-10-22 19:13:46.

The results have been published!

Foton etc are coming, enjoy the results for now!

Qualifier finished

Published 2017-10-07 21:01:55.

The qualifier has just finished and an additional 17 team have become semi-finalists.

Visit the Results page.

Many thanks to all participants and congratulations all semi-finalists!

The qualifier has started!

Published 2017-10-07 08:01:36.

Follow the teams on the Live page during the day!

Click to read more

It's almost time for the two last qualifiers of the year!

Published 2017-10-02 17:02:40.

For those of you who travel there will be a AW-buffet at Sun Light hotel on friday october 6th between 5pm and 9pm.
Make your reservation here: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
State the date, your name, number of people and what time they arrive.
185 SEK/per person incl VAT.

It is high time to get a hotel room for the semi/final as the hotel is about to release the rooms to the public.
See the accommodations and routines on the semifinal site.

Take the opportunity to kit your boat with gear from the WestGear show where you recieve a 10% discount as a participants!
(Enter the code SM17 in the checkout to recieve the discount.)

A summer greeting!

Published 2017-07-07 11:46:06.

Hi all participants!

After the spring round, more than 470 team have participated in the qualifiers, starting in Malmö / Ringsjön and ending in Karlskrona / skärgården.

We would like to thank you for the spring round and at the same time gladly announce that you can now signup and secure your spot at the semifinals in Nyköping!

Nyköping does not only host the semifinal and final but also a feast year with lots of offerings in the municipality;

We wish you a pleasant summer - see you soon again!

Esox Gear exclusive colors

Published 2017-05-31 11:26:43.

Esox Gear who have collaborated with Sportfish Masters for three years, have produced four special colors or the highly successful Curly Lucy softbait exclusively for Sportfish Masters 2017.

Additionally a Toddler tail has been developer in a super exclusive series of 30 baits.
These baits are limited availability and can only be bought via Sportfish Masters.

Purchases can be made on location at a qualifier or pre-order on email.
All puchases are collected at a qualifier.

To preorder, send an email to and pay using Swish to 123 577 4708 - state your name and the qualifier.
On location we only accept Swish payments.

- Curly Lucy = 69:- /pcs or all four colors for 250:- (srp 276:-).
- Toddler tail = 300:-

A larger version of the photo

New head sponsors

Published 2017-04-28 20:29:22.

We are proud to announce our new head sponsors and Costa, as well as the new insurance partner Atlantica!

Welcome to season 2017

Published 2017-03-10 03:11:43.

Have a look around and find out what's new!

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Signed up teams

  1. Team Predatorguiderna / ESOX GEAR Dwie Jonatan Jernberg
    Ronny Emterborn
  2. Redneck Legacy Lures / Gäddsällskapet UppsalaPikeBrigade Christoffer Storback
    Martin Blomqvist
    Anders Blomqvist
  3. Team Toppögla Johnny Rimblad
    Rezgar Waicy
    Emil Lilja
  5. Roz fiske Robert szorath
    Jesper Gustavsson
    Alexander strid
  6. Team Predatorguiderna / Esox Gear - Jeden Tommy Jansson
    Sebastian Eriksson
  7. South Predator Fishing Team Robin Hjärtenflo
    Philip Lindberg
  8. DARTS PREDATORS Mårten Johansson
    Stefan Persson
    Martin Bergman
  9. SLAN Mikael Alm
    Karl Cederblad
    Johan Öhman
  10. JMV 21 Mattias Fransson
    Gunnar Zackrisson
    Mikael Andersson
  11. Team Piscandi Björn Berg
    Tommy Petersén
    Daniel Örnestav
  12. Sfk lodarna Mikael svensson
    Jörgen lundsten
  13. Silverboats Skanstull Marin Lasse Litzell
    Bert Mårdh
    Mats Schiöld
  14. Team Blockstopp Erik Andersson
    Bror E Olsson
    Thomas Larsson
  15. Team Plog Jonnie Kjellberg
    Andreas Melker
  16. team patriot sweden Fishing te@m Emil larsen
    Michael heydeck
  17. Team renzstein / x3m Fredrik Renz
    Fredrik Blom
  18. Team RenzStein Jörgen Segerstein
    Fredric Segerstein
    Paul Rasmusson
  19. MasterBaiters jimmy thuresson
    mattias forselius
    Joakim Bonde
  20. Gefle Profish Team 4 Anders Westring
    Bo Eliasson
  21. Team Traktor.Spinn Jems Martinsson
    Olle Martinsson
    Tobias Frid
  22. Team Mothugg Jörgen Hedberg
    Jonas Angler
    Stefan Hallin
  23. Team Snubbarna Robert Eriksson
    Joakim Jegestad
  24. Sillstryparslaktarna Magnus Morath
    Mikael Lundqvist
    Tobias Lindgren
  25. TEAM FAR & SON Daniel Arvidson
    Tomas Arvidson
  26. Team tranholmen Erik angervall
    Jacob Cronehag
    Jimmy Söderberg
  27. Team Danger / 1 Daniel Gerber
    Mario Sbrzesny
    Tomas Sköld
  28. Team Danger / 2 Johan Palmqvist
    Johan Thelander
    Claes Berg
  29. Biggus dikkus Alex Nyman
    Johan Bertlid
    Linus Endahl
  30. Mört&Belåten2 / Bengtssons Niklas Josefsson
    Jacob Ståhl
    Mikael Axelsson
  31. Team Bengtssons Butiken Alf Eckerström
    Niklas Wilhelmsson
    Christian Fridh
  32. Båt & Fiske Karlskrona Johan Svensson
    Ola Kråksberg
    Tommy Pettersson
  33. Team GOFIKA Jon Wilund
    Petter Rosenberg
    Per Wilund
  34. Team Marin 3 Andreas Seger
    August Norberg
  35. #kungfupanda Robert Johansson
    Petter Dahl
  36. Team Ouff! / Esox Gear Steve McVey
    Thomas Hård
    Dennis Horikoshi
  37. Flugfiskeshopen / Tajtlajn Patrik Ramfjord
    Simon Engström
    Andreas Mattson

Signed up but not paid/verified: 4.

Checked in and ready to compete: 33.

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