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Read the regulations and the About page for more information.

What is PA-ID, I noticed that is is required when signing up a team?

The PA-ID is your personal account that you register for free at European Pike Association.

Why did you change the signup process and make PA-ID's required to sign up a team?

In short, this is due to the new privacy regulation GDPR. We have developed the new process to make sure we don't collect or process more personal details than necessary.

How much does the PA-ID registration cost?

Nothing, it is free.

Why do I need an EPA-ID?

You need it when signing up a team, it is used instead of your name, email, phone etc. For you to avoid spreading your unprotected personal data, and for us to minimize collecting and processing personal data we have changed the sign up process to required the EPA-ID. Due to this extra step of first registering an individual EPA-ID, then using this EPA-ID when signing up your team, no unauthorized person (ie someone who you didn't personally give your EPA-ID to) can sign you up for a team. Additionally, the person signing up the team does not need access to your unprotected personal details to add you to the team line up.

Do I have to register an PA-ID every time I want to participate?

No, you can only register one EPA-ID. If you already have an EPA-ID, you use that when signing up a team. Your EPA-ID can be used to sign up to any competition that has joined Pike Association.

I purchased pre-pay, how do I connect my discount to my PA-ID?

When registering an PA-ID at Pike Association you submit the same mobile phone number that you submitted when you purchased the pre-pay from us. When signing up your team the pre-pay discount is calculated for any participants who has purchased pre-pay.

How fast is the payment registered?

If you pay before 3pm on a banking day, they payment is on our account after 4pm the following banking day. If you pay after 4pm, it takes two banking days. We try to process the payment the same night, but sometimes it takes another day. To be certain your payment reaches us on time make sure to pay at least two banking days before the competition. After we have processed your payment you will recieve a checkin email.

Can I buy my way to the semifinal?

No. You must qualify during the current season or have placed on spot 1-3 last season, or win the current season Ranking for a Semifinal wildcard.

Do I have to qualify both spring and fall round to get to the semifinal?

No. When you have qualified once you are welcome to signup for the semifinal. When you decide to qualify is up to you. You are allowed to participate in multiple qualifiers to place higher in the Ranking and to take up one more slot to the semi (which means less teams in the semifinal and better odds to get to the final).

Can I participate without a boat?

No. Boat is required.

Can I change our team lineup at any time?

No. If you want to change the team lineup, it must be done before the first qualifier you have signed up to. After that our system does not allow editing of the team.

Can I change team lineup unlimited times?

We allow one (1) change per team.

Can I add a participant to a two-participant team?

Yes, as long as its done at the latest two days before your first qualifier.

Can I move to another team before a qualifier?

Yes, your team has not participated yet, and it is more than two working days until your next qualifier. Note that if you move from a two-participant team, the last participant is not allowed to compete on their own once you have been moved.

Can I change to another team for the semi/finals?

No. Only team lineups that have qualified can participate in the semi/finals. It is not allowed to puzzle together a team from stray participants regardless if they have qualified in other teams.

What are the technical requirements for the Livereporting webapp?

We have tested it on both Android/Chrome and iOS/Safari. Additionally you will need a mobile data plan and GPS activated for the browser.

Can I test the Livereporting ahead of time?

Yes, when your payment has been registered a Livereporting link is emailed to you. There you can explode the webapp and send test-reports.

What photos should I use to test the Livereporting?

There is a link to three test photos at the bottom of the Help page in the Livereporting.

Do I always have to hand in both a Result report and mobile phone(s)?

No, this is only required if the Livereporting has experienced technical difficulties. (Webapp wont send photos etc)

When do I need to be on location on a competition day?

7:40am. That's when we start the mandatory morning meeting and row call for ALL participants. By that time you must have launched your boat and have all your equipment ready to avoid a one hour delayed start for your team.

When do I need to send in a catch and/or check-in?

Before 8:00am on competition day to avoid a long delay. Be smart, check Livereporting and check-in as early as possible.

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