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  1. 1. General
  2. 2. Sign up
  3. 3. Photography
  4. 4. Catches and reporting
  5. 5. Allowed fishing techniques
  6. 6. Safety
  7. 7. Team lineup
  8. 8. Membership and fishing licenses
  9. 9. Schedule and timing
  10. 10. Semi/finals
  11. 11. Other

1. Generalup

1:01. Violation results in disqualification.

If a participant has broken the rules, a jury consisting of the local host and organizer takes a joint decision on the disqualification of the entire team and further decide on the ban on future participation. Disqualification can not be appealed. On suspicion of cheating, fraud or foul play please report it to the organiser immediately and if possible try to get a photo or video. The organiser needs solid proof to take action and the team that reports may submit a protest with photo/video evidence on returning for the price ceremony. Decisions on disqualification is taken per day of competition, and the case is closed on the same day.

1:02. 50% of the starting teams qualifies to the semifinal. No reserv backups.

In case of odd number of starting teams we round up, 19 teams on a qualifier send 10 teams to the semifinal. Your team still needs at least one approved catch.

1:03. Team score is based on the five longest pikes per team.

If the team catches more pikes we only count the top five. If two teams have the same result we measure longest individual pike.

1:04. Individual price for longest pike.

We award a participant for the longest pike on every qualifier and the final.

1:05. Collective start.

From 2016 we start everyone at the same place and time for all qualifiers. It's not allowed to travel to another location where the boat is waiting and start fishing there or pulling the boat and dragging it to another location after the start.

1:06. Local regulations.

These are communicated by the organiser during the morning meeting.

2. Sign upup

2:01. PA-ID is required for team sign up.

Every participant must a register an PA-ID with Pike Association before they can sign up for a team. The PA-ID is individual and you only need to register it once per person. This extra step is required for the competition to comply with the new GDPR privacy law.

2:02. Signup fee

The team is guaranteed their spot on the starting lineup after the fee has been paid for each respective competition day. See the fees on the About page.

2:03. Prepaid.

Those who prepaid will use the submitted phone number when registering your PA-ID at European Pike Association to get the discount when signing up your team.

2:04. En boat per team, two-three participants per team.

Every team must have a boat, and a team must consist of minimum two, maximum three participants. World Predator Classic team is 2 people.

2:05. Invalid team name.

The team name does not contain inappropriate words or registered brand names. In the event of any verification, the team can verify the rights to use any brand names by a prior written consent from the respective rights holders. The organiser reserves the right to alter the team name should these conditions not be met.

2:06. Changing team name.

Changing your team name is allowed (1) time up until the first qualifier. After that the system prevents editing of team details. Think careully about your team name before submitting the form.

2:07. Changing participants

One (1) change per team is allowed before the team participates in their first qualifier and that the new participant is not signed up to another team in the same qualifier. It is not allowed to change teams before the semi/final unless previously qualified in that team line up.

2:08. Payment.

For swedish teams, we only accept up front payments. Foreign teams may contact us at account@sportfishmasters.com for more details if the payment was not feasible. See payment info on the Sign up page.
Don't forget to provide your signup code in the payment message area or we will not be able to register your payment! Note that BankGirot lags one (1) day so your payment must be sent 2 working days before the qualifier. If the team captain consented to recieving e-mails the signup code and receipt will be sent after signup, else it is available for manual retrieval on the website.

2:09. Check-in before competing

Once we have registered your first payment an email containing a check-in link is sent to the team captains who consented to recieving emails when registering their PA-ID. The link can be retrieved manually by entering the signup code on the website once the team has been marked as paid in the team list for the corresponding contest.
Before the first participation each team captain must read, understand and accept the regulations on behalf of the team to be able to check-in. This means that the team captain henceforth is responsible for making sure their team understands and accepts the regulations before and during the competing. Team who have checked-in are marked with green in the website team line up. Any teams who hasn't checked in before their first participation will have to wait by the competition HQ until check-in is completed. Check-in is only required the first time the team participates.

2:10. Teams that have already qualified can participate again to compete for more spots in the semifinal.

If Team X already have qualified for the semifinal and places on the top half of the results, they grab another semifinal spot and reduce the competition at the semifinal.

3. Photographyup

3:01. You may only use a smartphone camera.

Due to our new web based LIvereporting you need a smartphone with a web-browser, mobile data plan and GPS activated to be able to send in your catch reports during the competition day.

3:02. Showing catch photos.

The team is responsible for keeping their photos quickly accessible and must display them after any technical issues with the Livereporting.

3:03. ll catches must be documented with at least two (2) clear photos.

Catches must be photographed on the measuring board with the board number tag, the fishes jaws tightly against the stop and the total length clearly visible in the photo at the same time. We need at least one (1) photo against the measuring board taken from above and one (1) posing photo with the catcher and catch and position must be verifiable. Catches that can't be verified will be disqualified.

3:04. Approved measure board photo.

Note the fish's placement and orientation. Click for larger photo.

3:05. The team captain signs out the official measuring board at the morning meeting.

Only fishes photographed on the signed out measuring board is valid in the competition.
The measing board is returned to the organiser after the contest. Lost measure board is charged to the team captain at 1000 SEK incl VAT.

3:06. Time and date on the photos must be correct.

This applies both to filedate and any visual date in the phots. Do yourselves a favor, double check before the contest starts. Check timezone etc as well. Photos with incorrect time and/or date will be disqualified. Hard but fair. The organiser will state the official time to follow during the morning meeting.

3:07. Photo material.

The organiser is granted a license to use your photos for marketing purposes. You still own the photo and only give us the right to use it in our marketing. The organiser also has the right to pass photos on to Pike Association for documentation.

4. Catches and reportingup

4:01. All catches must be catch & release.

The fish must be returned immediately after measuring and photography with minimal effect on the fish. We prefer that you use landing mat and rubber net to minimize the stress on the fish.

4:02. Only catches from the competition date/time and within the competition area is allowed.

It's not allowed to start fishing before the competition start time or after the end time. It's not allowed to report a fish not caught by the team during the competition inside the comptition area and time.

4:03. Pike minimum size is 60cm on qualifiers, 70cm on semi and final!

Fishes shorter than that should not be searched or taken out of the water - to the extent it can be avoided.

4:04. Team results is measured in whole centimeters.

We do not accept decimal points in the catch or team results. The tail fin has to touch the line for it to count up. The exception is the days longest fish which is measured by comparing photos. You are allowed to gently squeeze the tail coil.

4:05. All catches must be reported via our web based Livereporting within 5 minutes from taking the photos on the measuring board.

You can not send text messages or call in your catches. A link to the Liveapp is sent after the signup has been paid by email to the team captains who have consented to recieveing emails or it is possible fetch the link on the website with your signup code once the team has been marked as paid. The team captain is responsible for to make sure all participants have recieved the Liveapp link.

Catches must be sent within 5 minutes from the measuring board photo is shot, including the number clearly visible. If the judge does not recieve the catch within 5 minutes, the catch is invalid. Also please pay attention to rule 4:09.

If there has been technical issues and photos could not be uploaded, the team must submit a deviation report according to rule 4:07, after which the judge will verify the photos shown on the teams mobile phone(s) with the date and time of the teams previously failed uploaded catches.

4:06. The Livereporting requires at least one (1) smartphone with camera, mobile data plan and GPS.

4G is recommended for quicker uploads. GPS is required to determine if you are inside the competition area. All GPS-data is anonymised automatically when the result is published and is not shared with 3rd parties.

4:07. Reporting deviation in the Livereporting at the end of the competition.

Note: This is not needed if your result in the Liveapp is correct!
This feature is only available if the team has at least one failed catch.
On the bottom of the Catches page in the Livereporting web app there is a link to report deviation, ie if the team needs to show photos manually. This must be submitted before 4:05pm and you must fetch a Result report from us before 4:20pm and hand it in filled out with your mobile phone(s) before 4:45pm.

4:08. Live results is only a reference.

The official results will be posted on the Results page once all photos have been processed.

4:09. Movement between catch and livereporting.

It is not allowed to move between catch and livereporting - catch, photos and livereporting must take place where the fish is caught.

4:10. Re-upload photos.

In case of poor coverage on the mobile phone network or technical difficulties it is allowed to re-upload the photos. First, the judge must mark the catch in question as failed.
Note that you must re-upload the same photos as the initial upload attempt.

5. Allowed fishing techniquesup

5:01. The allowed fishing techniques are casting, spinning and fly fishing with artificial lures.

We do not allow live or dead baits, angling, trolling, netting or any other form of non-active rod fishing. Drifting is allowed with a winding reel. Its not allowed to drag the lure behind the boat at gliding speeds.

5:02. Only one active rod per participant.

Participants can bring more than one rod but may only use one at a time.

5:03. Vertical fishing is allowed.

After the lure is dropped, the reel has to be active and the boat must be anchored. Drifting and/or dragging is not allowed.

6. Safetyup

6:01. All participation is at your own risk.

The organiser is not responsible for accidents and damage to people and equipment occuring to the participants before, during or after the competition. By checking in the team captain approves these regulations on behalf of the team. The organizer has liability insurance.

6:02. Sobriety.

All participants must be sober at all times. Participants who act inebriated will be questioned and may cause disqualification of the team. The decision is taken that same day.

6:03. Mandatory morning meeting for all participants.

All participants must be present for the morning meeting. See the times on the Schedule page for each respective qualifier. Also see rule 9:2.

6:04. Self examination.

Smartphone and safety equipment must be self examined.

6:05. Floatation devices.

Working floatation devices or floatation suit must be worn at all times, You are allowed to remove it after landing. Alla floatation devices or suits must be shown to the organisers at the mandatory morning meeting before the start. If a participant is not wearing floatation devices the whole team is disqualified. This is due to the organisers liability insurance.

Participants with hidden floatation devices must collect a marker from the organiser to be placed on the participants upper body during the day. Participants with self-inflating floatation devices must wear them on top of the other clothes. The judges must see either visible floatation devices or this marker for participants with hidden floatation devices on the catch photos or the entire team will be disqualified.

Disqualification applies to the current qualifier, semi or final.

6:06. Team must bring at least two (2) smart phones.

Valid and working communication devices must be carried with the team or in the boat.

6:07. Dead man's switch.

Must be present and working on factory equipped models.

6:08. Distance between boats must be at least two casting lengths or 50 meters.

Furthermore, it is not permitted to drive over a stagnant boat's fishing zone. Respect each other. In case of conflict see point 1:01.

6:09. Distress.

In the first place, the Coast Guard is contacted, secondly, the competition. Decisions are taken by the competition management and jury regarding possible disqualification under Rule 9:04.

6:10. Carelessness.

Leads to disqualification regardless of circumstances.

6:11. Landing is only allowed after approval from the organiser.

To avoid disqualifying the team regardless of reason you always need approval from the organiser to disembark the boat during the competition.

7. Team line upup

7:01. Only the teams original participant may participate in the semi/finals.

A team must consist of minimum two (2) maximum three (3) participants and it's not allowed to bring in new participants for the semi/finals.
It is allowed for a three-participant team to participate with only two (2) participants, but a two-participant team may not participate as a three-participant team (with one (1) additional participant).

7:02. Qualifying with an incomplete team and participating in the final/semi with the full team.

From 2014 it is allowed to qualify with two out of three participants and participate in the semi/finals with all three participants. Ill or otherwise indisposed participants will no longer be disqualified. However all participants must be payed and correctly named before the qualifier begins.

7:03. Three-participant teams: beginning and ending the competition with different number of participants.

Paid three-participant teams may begin a competition with two participants and end with three participants, or begin with three participants and end with two participants. If a participant leaves a two-man team, the team is disqualified.

7:04. Participants starting afterwards.

The competition must be notified in advance before a participant leaves or joins the team and this will be done in the starting area after meeting with the organiser

7:05. Piecing together a team for the semi/final.

Only team line ups that have qualified can participate in the semi/final. It is not allowed to piece together teams from various participants regardless if they have qualified in other teams separately.

7:06. Once a team has participated in a qualifer the team line-up - and teamname - is locked.

The only valid variation is if a person in a three-participant team does not show up on contest day. This however, does not change the line up. No other changes are permitted within a team.

7:07. Participants qualify for semi in several teams.

Participants who qualify in more than one team can only participat in the semi in one of these teams.

8. Membership and fishing licensesup

8:01. All participants in the team automatically and free of charge become members of PA when registering their PA-ID.

Register your PA-ID here. This is required for us to comply with GDPR.

8:02. Participants must get all required fishing licences up front.

We present available options on the website, but do not sell or administer fishing licenses ourselves. The local host normally arranges selling of licenses on location unless digital licenses are available. Please bring even money if you are purchasing a license on location.

9. Schedule and timingup

9:01. The official schedule is valid for all competition days.

See the times on the Schedule page for each respective contest.

9:02. Late team arrival.

In case of late arrival at the morning meeting, the team captain will collect the team for the checkout of the board and review of local rules. Delayed teams must get permission to start before they start their participation and will announce when they reach the starting point.

9:03. Team can end their participation and still keep their results.

In case of unforeseen events a team is allowed to end their participation and keep their results as long as they have either confirmed their results in the Livereporting or are available for Result reports and handing in their mobile phone(s) at the end of the competition. No pictures are mailed or sent to the competition afterwards.

9:04. Boat back at the starting point after the competition.

All boats must return by sea to the starting point before pulling their boat after the competition. The actual fishing is allowed up until the last minute. It is not allowed to take another way back from the lake to get away before the deadline. Team returning to starting point without boat will be disqualified.

9:05. Launching your boat before the compeition.

You may launch your boat in a different location.

9:06. Award ceremony.

Award ceremony and semifinalist row call takes place as soon as photos has been analysed. This applies to both Livereporting or Result report and handing in mobile phones. Time varies due to number of teams and catches.

9:07. Test fishing before qualifier.

Test fishing is allowed up until and including the day before a qualifier.

10. Semi/finalsup

10:01. Reserves from the semifinal.

If a team gives up their place in the final they will be replace with teams 21 and up respectively. This way we ensure 20 teams are competing for the Sportfish Masters title and the Linder 445 Catch with trailer and great prizes from our electronics sponsors and 85000 SEK cash. Any taxes are paid by the winner and 10000 SEK of the sum will be paid to a fish conservation project in the name of Sportfish Masters + winning team.
Tax will be deducted from the sum 75000 SEK before paying to a private person.
If the winners have a company they may send an invoice with vat to be paid in 30 days. ( Optional ).
The winning team will decide what project the money goes to. This will be recorded and communicated to Sportfish Masters.

10:02. Late collecting of measure board before the morning meeting.

On late collection of the measuring board before the morning meeting, the entire team get a two (2) hours penalty delay before they can start, counting from the time all the starting participants are at the comeptition HQ. Instructions are available on location.

10:03. Late finish and return to port will render the team disqualified both days of the semifinals.

This means the team will not be allowed to participate in the finals during the sunday, and their semifinal result is 0.

10:04. All starting participants must be present for the 8:30am morning meeting before the competition starts, both semifinal days.

It is allowed to start a three man team with one participant joining the team later. This participant must be filed with the competition HQ before start to avoid disqualification.

10:05. The semifinalists who are not qualified to the final are not allowed to fish in the final waters, during the entire sunday.

Violation will render the team disqualified throughout the entire next season.

10:06. Test fishing before semifinal.

Test fishing is allowed up until three (3) days before the semifinal. Participants/teams who are fishing after that point will be disqualified.

10:07. Sponsor teams.

It is allowed to compete in the team's own clothes during the semifinal / final.

10:08. Semifinal wildcards.

Last years winners (team 1-3) are given a wildcard to the semifinals in the coming season. The signup fee is paid as per usual.

10:09. You can only catch the same fish once per competition day.

This means that you may not report the same fish multiple times during the same competition day.

11. Otherup

11:01. The regulations are constantly updated.

It is up to the team captain to make sure the team is up to date on the regulations during the season. At the bottom of the Regulations page there is an last updated reference date.

11:02. Any taxes are paid by the winners.

It's up to the winners to contact the local tax authorities and handle any taxes.

11:03. Nautical charts/depth chart is shown where available on the Location page.

It may only be used for research purposes and not for navigating.

11:04. No refunds.

Payment is binding and non-refundable in part or wholly. Under special circumstances a judgement call can be made where the participant is granted a signup fee credit for a qualifier in this or an upcoming season. The decision is taken freely by the organiser and is not open for appeal.

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