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Fee and payment

The participant fee is 375 SEK per person and qualifier, and an additional 375 SEK per person for the semi finals, if you qualify.
The participants fee is shared with Sportfish Masters, local host, Pike Association and PredatorGruppen.
Food (lunch and dinners) during the semi/finals are optional and is booked separately with us. Accomodation is booked on your own, but we post package deals on this website.

The participant fee is paid to Swedish BankGiro 685-2529.
International teams use
IBAN SE23 6000 0000 0004 2102 0091

Remember that you must provide the signup code in the message area. Your team is guaranteed a spot on the starting line up when the teams payment has been fully settled. Any taxes on prices and winnings etc is paid by the winner.


The same regulations apply regardless of when and where - and since competitive fishing is a noble sport we need'nt mention that team, participant and catch can be disqualified should we find out that there somehow has been foul play at work.
Read more on the page Regulations.


We wish for it to be both exciting and fun to participate. If you have any ideas on how to enhance the concept, please let us know.

We also want to know what you thought about participating, if there is anything you find lacking or could be done differently.

After each qualifier we ask for your feedback on location to be able to improve. We also humbly accept feedback on info2019@sportfishmasters.com.

Together we can make this the best sportfishing competition in the country!


In 2017 we introduced a multi-lingual website and a new Livereporting webapp.
In 2018 we introduce the PA-ID signup system for simpler team signup and to comply with GDPR, and encrypted traffic on all our domains.
In 2019 we went from 10 finalists to 20 finalists.

Clock - Schedule

All times on the website and Liveapp are given in Swedish time.
The exception is the Schedule page which is given in local time.

Contact us

Send an email to info2019@sportfishmasters.com.

Competition committee

The committee was founded in the fall of 2013 by a number of profiles in Swedish pike fishing aiming to improve and develop competitive fishing. Niclas of Sportfish Masters Sweden participates for feedback to improve and develop the competition.

The goal is to make this competition available to all interested sport fishermen in Sweden and Europe as a whole.

The competition committee is a group formed to strengthen and decide on important questions related to Sportfish Masters.

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