Battle Of The Baltic

3 Nations 1 Winner

Does your team have what it takes?


7:40amRoll call and last minute details of todays qualifier. At this point boat is launched and all preparations are done. Make sure you are ready and at the organisers location at 7:40am
8:00amCompetition starts.
3:45pmOrganiser starts handing out catch reports (if need be) for early arrivals.
4:00pmCompetition ends. Last catch must have reached the system before 4:00pm.
4:05pmLast call to report deviation in Livereporting.*
4:15pmTeam must have returned to port at the starting point.
4:20pmIn case of technical difficulties; Last call to fetch a Catch report.*
4:45pmIn case of technical difficulties; Catch reports filled out and handed in along with mobile phone(s).*

* You do not need to report deviation and fetch and fill out a catch report if your catches are correct in the web based Livereporting.

Read more om the Sportfish Masters website.

Joined teams

Team Snus / Wolfcreek lures
Martin Söderman
Anders Ulvforsen
Anders Bäcksten
Team Dalarnassportfiske2
Peter söderlund
Leffe Eriksson
FTS Gears - Åland
John Boman
Mikael Svensson
Christoffer Pettersson
Team WLF
Mathias Falander
Jimmy Bäcklund
Robert Linden
Mojoboats Åland
Marcus Sjölund
Daniel Blomster
Johan Roselius
Folkhälsan på Åland fishing team
Robin ström
Linus Andersson
William Kemetter
Idmans ryck och slit
Jonas Idman
Adam Jansson
Dennis Ahonen
Jonne Nylund
Fredrik Lagergren
Henrik Engblom
Team Ruda
Tobias Björklund
Johnny Björklund
Peter Gustafsson